sports facilities are tip-top

Christiane reuther on friday, the outdoor and sports facilities of the dreiberg school in knetzgau were officially handed over in a ceremony. The church blessing for the new facility was given by the protestant pastor hans christian neiber (zeil) and the catholic pastoral advisor volker krieger. The fest guests saw performances by the school family.

Knetzgau’s mayor stefan paulus was proud of the completion of the tree removal. According to its statements, total investments of more than 25 million euros have helped to create a social center in the village center. The school with the completed sports and leisure facilities, the bookstore and the neighboring senior citizens’ center of the arbeiterwohlfahrt now form a unit and express that several generations can live together in the immediate vicinity.

Support for the school

The kups market already offered a place for a federal volunteer last year. This year, for the first time, we succeeded in getting two positions approved by the federal government, which will be filled by theresa treusch and emma blinzler.

The two high school graduates are active at the kups elementary and middle school. Here they will actively support the administration of the school or also help to organize the lessons. Principal hans-peter muller is pleased about the two additional staff members, who can relieve the burden on the school in many ways. For this he also thanked mayor bernd rebhan, the ladies and gentlemen of the market town council for the decision and the administration, which have worked for the approval of the positions.

With a good mood into the examinations

On thursday evening, the graduates were – exceptionally – bidden farewell in the school’s new multifunctional hall, as the bavarian city council was meeting in the rosengarten congress house. Rector klaus reisenweber was pleased with the strong and, above all, committed class that will be graduating this year. After graduating from high school, the young graduates will take different paths and a trend reversal is becoming apparent: significantly more students than in previous years are starting their professional lives directly.
"You can already see that more students are taking up apprenticeships again", said the principal. According to the rector, trade and industry are urgently looking for applicants, and the trainees in turn have good career prospects. "The baccalaureate is not always the golden road", so reisenweber.

40 change to the FOS

this year, only eleven students will transfer to the transition class of the gymnasium, which is significantly less than in previous years. For this reason, 40 students are going to the technical high school in coburg and one student is transferring to the vocational high school in sonnenberg.
Reisenweber highlighted the special commitment of two students: alexander poek from class 10c not only achieved outstanding results, but was also involved in theater and club sports on a supra-regional level. Luis ilgner was a talented organizer and an agile class representative and school spokesman.
According to reisenweber, all the students arrived on time for the examinations and took their examinations in a good mood. Although some of the students did not do well in german and social studies, the examinations in accounting, french, english and mathematics were all the better. Reisenweber also encouraged the students who did not pass the exam this year. In every misfortune, he said, there is also happiness. Thus, the students could repeat and successfully continue their careers with a good degree in the coming year.

The hammelburg volunteer fire department celebrated a very special anniversary at the weekend. Founded 160 years ago, it is not only the oldest fire brigade in the county, but also one of the most traditional in all of bavaria. Chairman peter sell explained, however, that the foundation had been preceded by a catastrophe.

Thus met on 25. April in 1854 hammelburg suffered what was probably the worst disaster in the history of its town. In the so-called doll chronicle from 1873 it can be read that on this day at about 11 o’clock in the morning a fire broke out in the center of the town and – favoured by the strong wind – quickly spread to the rest of the town. The inhabitants were helpless in the face of the raging flames, since the fire had destroyed all the existing fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers right at the beginning. When the wind died down around 4 p.M., about three quarters of the city had burned down. "This event led to the founding of our fire department four years later", so sell.

When it comes to the future of energy policy, ludwig hartmann doesn’t accept half-hearted concepts: he wants a consistent strategy that makes it possible to meet our society’s growing energy needs with eco-electricity – clean, regenerative, climate friendly. "All regions must make their contribution to this effort. Otherwise we won’t make it", stressed the parliamentary group chairman of bundnis 90/die grunen in the state parliament at a press conference, to which the kulmbacher grunen had invited on friday afternoon.

The meeting was prompted by the city council’s recent decision not to approve the planned open-space photovoltaic plant near grafendobrach. A decision that ludwig hartmann and dagmar keis-lechner, district councilor and chairwoman of the kulmbacher grunen, cannot understand.

"This is where unions take place", said coburg’s mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) "in the truest sense of the word." the wedding hall in coburg’s burglabschlobchen was not without symbolic power to lend glamour and meaning to the somewhat unwieldy concept of intermunicipal cooperation.

Because from 1. January of next year the civil registry offices of sonnefeld and coburg will be merged in administration. The aim is to strengthen competencies without creating autonomy, but to continue to offer citizens the same service they have enjoyed up to now.