Man of decision

With a whistle from the referee’s whistle, baldur kolb had opened the last event in this winter’s series of erzahlnachmittage (afternoon games). This important item at sporting events was one of the topics that referees and director of studies a.D. Heinz gotschel had dedicated: "they dance to my whistle – experiences of an arbitrator."

In addition to the yellow and red card paraphernalia, the audience was able to learn a great deal about the qualifications, work, fitness and wages of referees – from the lower leagues all the way up to the bundesliga and FIFA matches. Kolb said beforehand: "arbitrators have to endure a lot." they also had to decide quickly and have the entire rules of the game in their heads.

Djk does not take advantage of the opportunities

The footballers of the DJK don bosco bamberg (8).) are currently in the bayernliga north not quite from the spot. The 1:2 (0:0) yesterday in wildensorg against ATSV erlangen (13.) before a little more than 200 spectators was the third defeat in a row. Previously, the team of coach mario bail had lost against the top teams DJK gebenbach (1:3 away) and wurzburger FV (0:2 at home).

Clear goal of the DJK against the climber from erlangen was a "three". The realization of this intention failed, even if coach bail could again build on christopher kettler. The middle franconia provided a strong team, which always acted dangerously. In the 3. Minute started the DJK a good attack, when patrick hoffmann already served simon schmoll. His too weak shot was safely held by goalkeeper michael kraut. DJK was well in the game and created more chances in the first half, but the guests were quite secure in defense and made it difficult for the bail troop. After a rebound came johannes rosiwal in the 28th minute. Minute plotzlich to the header, which ATSV keeper kraut uber the bar steered. A tight shot in the 34. In the 22nd minute, ahmet kulabas’s shot just missed the DJK goal. After a foul in the 39th minute. Minute in the penalty area to johannes rosiwal the whistle of the referee remained silent to the horror of the djkler.

New attempt at collective bargaining for building cleaners

In the german building cleaning trade, the negotiating parties are making a new attempt to resolve the wage dispute that has been smoldering for months.

Meeting in dreieich near frankfurt today (11 a.M.).00 a.M.) the IG bauen-agrar-umwelt (union for construction, agriculture and the environment) and the bundesinnungsverband des handwerks (federal guild of craftsmen) for talks on the framework collective agreement for the approximately 650.000 employees.

For many a veteran FAG employee, who was at the "kufi" perhaps even having been through the major crisis of 1993, the appointment at the factory site was bound to have generated at least a little nostalgic feeling. Now the three coarse red letters of FAG can no longer be seen above building 23, but ten green ones for schaeffler.

The ceremonial unveiling was performed jointly by klaus rosenfeld, chairman of the executive board of schaeffler AG, stefan spindler, member of the executive board for industry, and norbert lenhard, chairman of the joint works council – as a sign that the company and employee representatives are pulling in the same direction. For rosenfeld, the schaeffler logo, which is visible from afar, is only the logical consequence of the company’s development over the last few years. "As a global company, we want to place the schaeffler brand in the foreground worldwide in the future", according to rosenfeld. As an automotive and industrial supplier with 87900 employees worldwide, schaeffler produces at 170 locations in 50 countries. In addition to schaeffler and FAG, there are also the INA and luk brands, which will also be given a uniform schaeffler image over the next few months.
Rosenfeld appealed to the employees for understanding, even though he could understand the emotional connection with the old FAG logo. In order to survive in global competition, however, it is important to present a uniform image to customers. FAG will remain a product brand and continues to stand for inventiveness and top quality. Schweinfurt is the first major industrial location of the family-owned company where the new branding is implemented. In addition to the exterior lettering, everything on the facades and entrances will soon feature only schaeffler logos. Of course, there is a uniform website and employee ID card, as well as a consistent corporate identity that applies in germany as well as abroad.

second gold for bolt - kiprotich marathon world champion

Superstar usain bolt can’t be stopped by anything or anyone at the world athletics championships. The 26-year-old ran to his second gold in the 200 meters at the lushniki stadium in moscow and can now complete the triple on sunday with the jamaican sprint relay team.

The king of the marathon is stephen kiprotich. The 24-year-old from uganda was only the second runner to win the world championship title in the 42.195-kilometer classic after winning the olympics. Bolt won the half lap of the stadium unchallenged in the world best time of 19.66 seconds and loved to celebrate again six days after his success in the 100 meters. Second was his compatriot warren weir (19.79) ahead of curtis mitchell (20.04). Together with weir, bolt then did a lively little dance on the blue track. However, the world record he had hoped for did not come to fruition, with his best time remaining at 19.19 seconds.

Together against burglary gangs: new alliance in the west

Today a burglary in dusseldorf, tomorrow one in amsterdam: the gangs of burglars – often from southeastern europe – like to come by daytime robbery, strike quickly and then disappear across the border again as quickly and inconspicuously as they arrived.

"These are often criminal tourists who travel throughout europe," says north rhine-westphalia’s interior minister ralf jager (SPD). The professional gangs could rely on the fact that they were way ahead of the investigators: even if the burglars were old acquaintances for the dutch, the german investigators did not know that for a long time yet. Boundaries, but only for the investigators.

leipzig's werner zuruck in training: deployment at bvboffen

The striker completed an individual unit with the bundesliga fourth-placed team. "As planned, we are now trying to increase the load. Maybe he’ll be able to train with the team tomorrow," said trainer ralph hasenhuttl. Whether the 21-year-old will be on saturday (18.30 o’clock) in the top match at borussia dortmund, will be decided shortly beforehand, hasenhuttl said.

Hasenhuttl sees the game at table-toppers dortmund as "a super challenge for us". No german team has won there in two years. The austrian did not want to talk about the hateful scenes of the past season, when fans from leipzig attacked dortmund with stones and other things. "Hopefully it’s all about sporting things," said the RB coach, "that’s the only thing i’ll be limiting my comments to. At the first vs. Fourth game, any marginal issues should have no meaning."

The railroad tracks in the kitzingen district of sthashausen are being diligently dismantled; this part of the steigerwaldbahn has been desegregated – i.E. Is no longer approved for rail traffic. So the city of kitzingen can continue its northern bypass in the direction of groblangheim, as planned for years. The complicated track bypass in sthashausen will in future give way to a direct connection to groblangheimer strabe (staatsstrabe 2272).

At the same time, the city is planning to build a new traffic circle at the richthofen circle. Not only will this recreational area be better connected to groblangheimer strabe, but also to the connekt commercial area on the other side of the strabe. This was the original reason for the building project.

Mourning in france: ex-president giscard d'estaing dead

Head of state emmanuel macron called the incumbent a progressive statesman: "the directions he gave france (still) guide our steps," the elysee palace announced.

Macron was born in 1977 – in the middle of giscard’s term of office d?Estaing, which lasted from 1974 to 1981. Macron announced a national day of mourning for next wednesday in a tv address this evening. Out of modesty, the former head of state did not wish to have a national funeral service, so he will be buried in the immediate family circle. "His legacy of modernity will remain," macron said.

Every third flight cancelled in koln/bonn due to strikes

"We want to reach a collective bargaining agreement before easter and are now stepping it up a notch," verdi spokesman gunter isemeyer told dpa. The union did not rule out the possibility of another strike at the airport on monday. According to the airport, 70 of the more than 200 planned flights were canceled on friday.

The collective bargaining parties parted ways a week ago without a negotiated result. There is no new date. Meanwhile, verdi sees movement in the employer camp. "It’s bubbling," said isemeyer. The transport company UPS, for example, is now increasing the hourly wage for freight inspectors to 16 euros from its own funds, and its competitor fedex is considering similar measures. And at securitas in hamburg, the personnel manager revealed that the lower wage group of 8.23 euros per hour is now being topped up by 0.50 cents to two euros, because otherwise they can’t find enough workers.