Zeil is what its citizens do for their town

"Together for zeil", this motto is valid in many places in the city, and this motto has been valid for many years on the "zeiler abend", where the hard-working and volunteer burgers are thanked in particular. Mayor thomas stadelmann devoted the nearly three hours to the many individuals and groups who make sure that the city and its neighborhoods remain vibrant and full of people.

Stadelmann emphasized: "what would a city be without clubs, without volunteers who are committed to the general public, no matter in what form??" the people who live in zeil gave the city a face. A gain for the helpers and for the recipient, said stadelmann. The rough and important thank-you gives the zeil honorary evening its justification.

The district is colorful and diverse

An open day was held at the immigration center in habfurt. Many people took the opportunity to inform themselves about the new facility, according to the district office. At two locations in habfurt – at bruder-becker-strabe 42 and industriestrabe 20 – there are several counseling and coordination centers that are interlinked with each other.

The education coordination for new immigrants, the refugee and integration counseling, the integration guides and the migration counseling are all on board. Three responsible bodies work together in the immigration center: the red cross district association habberge, the caritas association habberge and the district habberge.

Of love's happiness and love's sorrow

The tale of an enchanted swan princess who can only be redeemed by the love of a prince has thrilled classical ballet lovers around the world and filled the bad kissingen kurtheater to capacity. The evening was guaranteed to be enjoyable by tchaikovsky’s enchanting melodies and the ensemble of the classical russian ballet from moscow.

140 years after the first performance, this danced march still has a fascination that can inspire young and old alike. This was also evident in bad kissingen, where every age group was represented at the spa theater. The reasons for this fascination are not only the music or the use of frequent motifs of many marches, but also the graceful language of movement and the acting gestures of the actors. In four acts, the ballet tells the story of princess odette, enchanted as a swan, with whom the carefree prince siegfried falls in love. This one vows to free them from the power of the red beard spell through his love. But then he let himself be swapped by odile, the negative image of odette, and proceeded. When the prince realizes his mistake, it is already too late. The last act allows for different stagings, but the classical russian ballet has chosen the good variant: odette forgives and they both live happily ever after.
Ballet composer peter I. In swan lake, tchaikovsky creates three familiar stage images: the castle park as the setting for a festival, the mystical swan lake, where the symbolic swans represent the good and the magical red beard takes on the evil counterpart, a festival hall in the castle with the meeting of good and evil, and a possible happy ending in a mystical place. These well known and easily comprehensible locations form the framework for the ensemble and outstanding actors such as prince siegfried, his friend benno, rotbart and odille / odette, who is usually portrayed by one and the same dancer. Swan princess and her counterpart is one of the more demanding roles in classical ballet for any ballerina, because it not only combines two different characters, but also places the highest choreographic demands on the dancer. The ballet is rich in dance high points – whether it’s the pax de trois and the melancholy soli of the prince in 1. The first two acts are the duet of the lovers at swan lake with the dramaturgical appearance of red beard and the well-known dance of the four swans (pas de quatre) or in the third act the. Act with the nation dances of the bride and the pas de deux of siegfried and the black swan odile. Balances and turns in various poses, lifts and jumps of the soloists alternated with dances of the ensemble and magical images of the dancing swans on the lake.
Since no program was available for the ballet audience, it is not possible to mention the names of the performers here, but only to praise the fact that both the ensemble and the soloists performed their parts with technical precision on the small stage in kissingen. After friendly applause at the beginning, the enthusiasm of the kissing audience increased with every scene – and these were acknowledged with swelling applause up to the appreciative applause at the end.

Chamber music defies corona

Many classical music organizers, like the major symphony orchestras, are in the starting blocks for the new season, but do not yet know how far they can go with the capacity of their venues. If the current figure of a maximum of 200 people remains (regardless of the size of the hall), it will be difficult or even impossible for everyone to organize a halay realistic concert. Even with a maximum of 400 or 500 people – as was recently done for the munich state opera – this will not be an easy task.

The bamberg music society, which has been responsible for the cultivation of classical music in bamberg for 150 years now, can remain a little more relaxed about this, because chamber music series do not fill halls. The keilberthsaal thus offers enough space in view of an attendance that usually lies between 300 and 500 listeners. Of course, depending on the situation of the entrance barrier, it could be that no guest tickets are sold. In this respect, one may react to the assumption that the cautious among the chamber music fans will possibly put their subscription on ice with one laughing and one crying eye.

"We feel very comfortable here and always like to come back." he added. Bright sunshine accompanied the drag hunt of the frankenmeute around bad konigshofen on sunday. Through woods and over fields it went and finally one met again on the meadow with ipthausen to the final drag hunt before public. The different costumes of the riders as well as the bustling beagles were an eye-catcher as they are every two years. The trompes-franconiennes from adelsdorf and the schanzer perforce from ingolstadt, together with the brass band from the nurnberg area, had previously set the mood for the event.

Hunting music resounded for half an hour before the riders with their packs of hounds rode in from two sides to the parade on the market square and presented a magnificent picture in the bright sunshine. The town of bad konigshofen, in particular, did a tremendous job with its building yard to make it possible for the pack hunt to take place, said president jurgen hoepffner in his welcoming speech. But the president also addressed the blaster groups that had come from munich, ingolstadt, nurnberg and aschaffenburg.

Stollen driver manfred muller died in the tunnel

The tunnels were manfred muller’s life’s work. On wednesday they became his place of death: during a drive he succumbed to a heart attack. Uber the tunnel access in the house oberer stephansberg 16, the 69-year-old could only be recovered dead.

The shock sits deep, not only with wife gabriele, but also in the city administration and with many bambergers who knew him. No one had noticed any signs of illness in muller beforehand, on the contrary: on wednesday morning he had laid a piece of plaster in his garden. At the city’s adult education center and tourism& it was taken for granted that muller would organize the popular tours of the visitor mine for many years to come and that she would be available as a guide.

Cycling works even in a wheelchair

Staying active and maintaining a minimum level of mobility is very important to gisela ehrenheim. The 87-year-old has been living in the heiner-stenglein senior citizens’ and nursing home on the lawn since october and is enthusiastic about exercising on the newly acquired ergometer. Although she is dependent on a wheelchair, the cycling movements enable her to bend and stretch her legs in a targeted manner. This prevents the risk of thrombosis and strengthens the muscles. Occupational therapist elke eckert explained the equipment to the senior in detail and tried out the best setting with her. Now the native westphalian, who worked for many years in the kitchen of the specialist clinic in hutschdorf, exercises independently for 15 to 20 minutes every day.
The ergometer is one of many purchases financed by the ruth and eberhard becker foundation for old people’s assistance. 24 years ago, the couple from kulmbach established the foundation from their private assets with a capital of 500,000 marks (256,000 euros) and have since been able to distribute a total of 450,000 euros from endowments and additional donations.

Music comes to the bed