mayoral election in thurnau: clear path for martin bernreuther?

Will martin bernreuther (CSU) remain the only candidate in the mayoral election on january 15?. March in thurnau? A question that still remains unanswered in mid-december.

Pohlmann: "first-class man"

Bernreuther was unanimously nominated by his party at the beginning of december. The FDP/independent burghers will again run with their own list, but will not put up a mayoral candidate, as their spokesman and second mayor veit pohlmann announced. Pohlmann himself had run for mayor in 2014, but was eliminated on the first ballot. On the reasons for the renunciation, he says: "we do not need our own candidate, because we have a first-class man at the head of our community." pohlmann speaks of a successful cooperation with martin bernreuther and says: "we will support him in the municipal election."

Spd hopes for turnaround in election campaign through tv duel on sunday

The SPD, which is suffering from poor poll ratings, hopes the TV duel between its chancellor candidate martin schulz and incumbent angela merkel will turn the tide in the federal election campaign.

"We are concentrating on catching up, and sunday’s duel will play a major role in that," said SPD faction leader thomas oppermann on the ZDF "morgenmagazin" program. He believes that sunday will be the day of decision for many people. As things stand, 40 percent of people are still undecided about who they will vote for in the federal election on 24 january. September want to vote.

Nahles calls for separation from Grunen

SPD chairwoman andrea nahles calls for her party to set itself apart from the greens. "Imitating the greens won’t help us," she told the "munchner merkur" (saturday).

This also applies to asylum policy, where the greens have taken a simple position. "Our course is more differentiated, but realistic," the party leader emphasized. Nahles advocated "realism without resentment". She criticized the grunen’s refusal to expel more safe countries of origin as a "serious mistake.

The race to catch up is set to continue

His probably penultimate trip in the calendar year 2013 takes the infranken-kick on sunday at 14.30 o’clock to the 1. FC burk to meet spvgg zeckern. The former upper district league team has won its last three games and moved up to third place in district league 1. Above all, the away win at table leader herzogenaurach, who had not lost a point until then, sent an exclamation mark to the competition for the coveted promotion spots. In the medium term, however, these seem to have been awarded to herzogenaurach and the surprise team from adelsdorf. Together with adelsdorf, zeckern climbed up as champions of kreisklasse 1. The cup scare of the youngest K.O.-competition was expected to be a league high. With only two results from the first nine games, the start of the season had to be put in the category "under construction" are put.
FC, on the other hand, made a splendid start to its seventh successive season in the district league. Five wins – including a 2-1 win over zeckern – and a draw meant a head-to-head race with the current leading duo for weeks on end. "However, we were not really convincing", markus ammon admits. "It was foreseeable that this could not go on forever", says the burk player-coach with a view to the dry spell that followed. Namely defeats against kirchehrenbach, niederndorf and eggolsheim as well as point splits with rottenbach and adelsdorf.

It was not until their own church fair that success returned to the seetalstadion, as the people of burk call their stadium. The jahn reserve was narrowly beaten 2:1. "It is noticeable that it is easier for us to motivate ourselves against the tough opponents than against the supposedly weaker ones", says the former player-coach of the bavarian league team from forchheim. One sticking point for the 39-year-old was the absence of deniz demirsayar due to injury. "In the five weeks without our six-man team, there was nothing for us to inherit", noticed ammon.