It was the big question that hovered over the third day of the trial at the bamberg district court: will one of them confess or not?? Nine hungarian staatsburgers, accused of aggravated gang theft in 29 cases. During their robbery raids, the thieves are said to have taken loot amounting to around 800.Have made 000 euros. According to the indictment, during their theft sprees in 2011 and 2012, they caused property damage of around 46.000 euros.

The preferred targets in franconia were apparently electrical companies and construction sites, for example at substations in eltmann (habberge district), altdorf near nurnberg and erlangen. Further crime scenes were a recycling company in bayreuth and a freeway maintenance depot in the district of bayreuth. According to the results of the investigation, the suspected gang of burglars, with different members, targeted non-ferrous metal, cables, tools, machines, diesel fuel and tires. In addition to the crime scenes in franconia, the men also left traces in upper bavaria, the upper palatinate and saxony.

telekom, flat rates and evernote

What actually makes ….The telecom? With their advertising-duddel-duddel-duu-melody they eat into your ears in such a way, that you can’t even speak of an earworm anymore? Yes. Also. In the past few days, however, the pink giant has attracted the attention of at least internet users with two other announcements:
the announcement that telekom was considering throttling DSL flat rates could be seen as a kind of test balloon if they were more. According to this, the DSL speed was throttled if a certain data volume was exceeded. The previous flat rates will then no longer exist. The reason for these considerations is that the total volume of data is increasing dramatically.

How do the users in? And the competition?
A cap would benefit customers because – according to telecom logic – no one would have to pay for more volume than they actually use. "To make it clear once again: there are no new tariffs so far." and: "if there is any change, we will inform you", telekom continues. Whether it is indeed a test balloon to also probe the opinion of internet users? The restraint of the other providers could – according to the motto "first see what the reactions are like" – be overcome point to this.

gruesome discovery of corpses in aleppo

The victims were all between 20 and 30 years old. The dead can be seen in a film that the activists have posted on the internet. Some of them have their hands cuffed behind their backs.

The information could not be verified by an independent source at first. The head of the human rights observers, rami abdel-rahman, said when asked that he had no information about the background of the act or the perpetrators. He expected the death toll to rise even higher: "we expect there to be more bodies in the water."

Happy ending: this raven dog has found a new home

One thing they don’t want: a tranendrusen story. Rather a story that shows: the fear of shelter dogs is unnecessary. "We are just normal people", says peter stephan. "If everyone was so ‘normal’ – that would have been great", counters iris von crailsheim, deputy chairwoman of the kitzingen animal welfare association.

The association runs the kitzingen animal shelter. Iris von crailsheim female that hardly anyone wants to take in old, sick or abused animals. "That’s why it’s wonderful that people like the stephans exist."

Fitch threatens cyprus with imminent downgrade

Due to the ailing banking sector, the previous "B" rating will be placed under closer observation (rating watch negative), the rating agency announced in london. Fitch, however, continues to rate cyprus less negatively than standard& poor’s ("CCC") and moody’s ("caa3").

The failed cypriot banking system is primarily responsible for the decision, fitch writes. Whether there will actually be a downgrade depends on the details of the program agreed with the troika (ECB, EU, IMF). The willingness of the cypriot authorities to implement reforms is also crucial.

media: german railroads may raise fares

A railroad spokeswoman did not confirm the reports on sunday. She referred to a planned press release on the coming tuesday.

As early as june of this year, rudiger grube, head of the german railroads, had hinted at an increase in rail fares, citing the costs of the energy transition as one of the reasons. Since deutsche bahn was founded in its present form as a stock corporation in 1994, it has raised fares 15 times. Since 2003, it has done so every year. Once, in 2002, they were lowered with the introduction of a new pricing system. Long-distance ticket prices remained stable in 2010.

20 years of the 'king of the lows' on broadway

Thomas schumacher doesn’t mince his words. "20 years, that’s an awfully long time!" he says on the stage of the minskoff theater on new york’s broadway, the place where "the king of the lowlands" has been staged more than 8,300 times so far.

A special anniversary performance has just ended, the applause for the disney theater manager is huge.

Andreas dorsch the last two dry summers and the storms of the past few weeks have left indiscernible traces in the forests around hochstadt. They are moving through a forest that is now struggling to survive.

"The forest is still alive, but it must change", says forester stefan stirnweib, who for years was responsible for the forests east of hochstadt, from adelsdorf to weisendorf. He is not the only one who sees the pine tree, which still dominates the region, on the decline. "If we want to preserve the forest, we must do something urgently now", says friedrich brehm, chairman of the erlangen-hochstadt forest owners association.

Every year, the bamberg district honors burghers for their volunteer work. This year, the trainees at the district administration office once again demonstrated how important it is to them to serve their fellow citizens by manning their own stand at the martini market in the bamberger land farmers’ museum. There they sold homemade cookies and cakes, snacks, as well as heaps of coffee and children’s punch to warm up and raise money for a good cause.

District administrator johann kalb said at the handover of the donation: "you have spent time, heart and soul and money on your sales campaign – for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart. With your donation you set a humane sign for voluntary work."